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* We recommend that you remove all cobwebs as you see them with cobweb duster. 

*Internal spray to baseboards, upper and bottom corners of walls especially in the garages and basements.

**If you find an unbearable number of spiders on your premises, contact us, and we will arrange for your local team to get in touch with you. We provide the expert spider control services throughout West Texas.

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About Spiders

Most Spiders are a beneficial pest as they prey on other insects, but people, because of the fear of spiders want them removed from the home.

Spiders are easy to differentiate from other pests because they have eight legs. Identification of the species is often a bit difficult since the average homeowner smashes first and asks questions later.

Spiders probably rank below most of the other common pests such as cockroaches and rats, however they can cause similar problems like other pest and could be even worse in many respects than other insects and rodents.

Most spiders species do not cause infestations, but a few can present heath issues to human through their bite. Species of black widow and brown recluse spiders have been known to cause fatalities in human with their bites.


Spider Behaviour

Spiders generally aren’t as troublesome as other pests in a day to day living environment. They usually only cause issues when there are large numbers of them, or they intrude on your daily activities. Other than just being super freaky, one of the bigger threats they pose is biting you while you sleep, as they are usually nocturnal and will occasionally go out searching for food at night.

Should they happen to come across a sleeping person they might feel threatened and bite, leaving that person with a painful red welt, or worse. They are usually content to lay in wait for prey to come to them. This in and of itself can present a problem, as their webs are often an eyesore in the form of cobwebs and reveal the fact that there is a not insignificant spider population in the house.